a multiple choice test.
You are scrolling through YouTube. You run across a video, and you hate the content. Next you?
A: think to yourself, "wow, that was really bad" and scroll on.
B: Think tor yourself, "wow, that was really bad" put a thumbs down on it, maybe leave a comment about how bad it was, and scroll on.
C: Think to yourself, "wow, that was really bad." Watch more videos, hate all of them, decide to spend several hours a day watching videos you hate, spend a couple more hours a day in groups discussing how horrible the videos are.  Spend another hour a day actively harassing the person who makes the videos, and his family.
The majority of the people reading this have chosen answer C. I will never understand you, and for that I'm thankful. We have spent over half our lives dealing with autism. Over half our lives volunteering to work with special needs kids via special olympics and other programs. Over half our lives dealing with judgment from others. Over half our lives being bullied, and dealing with bullies on a daily basis.
Your non-stop harassment of my son, myself, and my daughter are sincerely pathetic. I'm not sure what you get out of it, but please know that our family actually feels sorry for you.
We've been dealing with people like you on a daily basis for 30 years. We are more than accustomed to it by now.  Josh has had an extremely challenging life. Challenges that none of you could truly understand or empathize with. But, we feel more sorry for you, than we do for him.
Sincerely, how sad is your life when the only joy you get out of life is harassing people with mental illness, and harassing their families?
There hasn't been a day in Josh's life when I haven't wished that life could be easier for him. When I haven't wished that he could find some realm of "normalcy" and happiness. However, I sincerely feel worse for you than I do for him. 
He just does the best he can every day. He gets through life the only way he knows how. 100% himself, unapologetic for who he is, and not afraid of it.
But you hide behind your keyboards, behind your phones. The only way you can feel good about yourself is by hurting other people. This truly makes me sad for you. I can't imagine how horrible a person's life would have to be to need to hurt others just to feel good.
Everyday, when I'm going through and deleting all of your texts, all of your voice mails, all of your FB messages, I don't get angry. I just feel bad for you.
It is my sincerest hope that someday you can find peace. That you can find love. That you can like yourself enough to not have the need to hurt other people in order to feel validated.
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